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Shorten your URL

URL shorten service

My Intention

AKA, there are many URL shorten service using for free on the Internet, such as Bitly or Cutt etc.

Such tremendous “Free Service” maybe not the truly “Free”, every of these put the trackers and annoying ADs on their Home website, and the URL validated period maybe short and not controlled by you or me

I do not know whether one day I can still use this Short Link to redirect to my previously setted website, and I do not know how AD merchants use the data from these trackers to do so

My Own Service Do Not have any problems mentioned above, No trackers , No ADs , and No Expired Time (Except You violet Terms Of Service declared beneath)


Terms Of Service

This is my own Service, no such cliche big companies usually want you to Skip and Tick YES, it’s quite simple:

  • No discriminations word in the Link, for every race and complexion
  • No illicit content violate your local laws or EU laws
  • No using proxy service such as VPNs / Tor Browser or self built service, the majority of IDC traffic in the world have been totally banned from my own Cloudflare Rules


I have granted Customize Link function and if you find failed when you edit this Link, please replace another one because someone has used this link before


Thanks these fabulous projects to underlie this Service:

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